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The days of bulky imaging equipment are over. The world's first agile fluoroscopic instrument is here!
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Micro C is the new standard for mobile fluoroscopy

Surgeons and Doctors can use the Micro C in clinic or surgery to take mobile Xray and fluoroscopy

Existing medical imaging devices are too large, complex, and risk-prone for today’s medical professionals to be successful.

The doctor’s office of today and tomorrow is designed for efficient and effective treatment of more patients than before. Micro C revolutionizes the field with a hand-held, x-ray and digital imaging device no larger or heavier than a digital camera.

Where a typical mini C-arm device is similar in size to a hospital bed or wheel chair and can barely fit through doorways, the Micro C system can be carried from room to room with ease. With an ergonomically-designed hand-held fluoroscopy device and separate, book-sized image receptor, Micro C offers a level of flexibility to healthcare providers never before seen.

A team of professionals and medical experts has designed Micro C to revolutionize the industry. Years of experience with medical imagery and surgical procedures has culminated in the development of this innovative new mobile-first technology.

Micro C mobile xray device

How it works

The Micro C mobile xray device
Another view of the mobile fluoroscopic xray device
Micro C provides dynamic fluoroscopic and digital imagery for the purposes of aiding surgical treatment of the distal extremity. The device converts radiation to real time static and dynamic fluoroscopic images of the human skeleton as well as providing high quality digital pictures and video of surgical anatomy and pathology. All images (both fluoroscopic and digital) are displayed on portable screen specific to device. The device provides quicker, easier access to images while providing safer radiation exposures to the patient and surgical staff.

Unique Details

  • All images are fully uploadable to patient-specific file application
  • Hand-held and surgically ergonomic
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Sterilizable
  • Emits exponentially less radiation than the industry standard

The Device

Micro C is a light, portable, surgically ergonomic handheld camera and synchronized receptor. Holding its handle, the surgeon directs fluoroscopy and digital imagery to the extremity and surgical field. The surgeon controls both fluoroscopic and traditional capture utilizing the ergonomic trigger under the index finger.

The back of the Micro C also has a digital control panel to control fluoroscopic and digital camera settings. The head houses the collimating cone and digital camera lens.

The image receptor/intensifier is thin, flat and also lightweight and portable; it can be positioned and easily manipulated behind the extremity being imaged. The extremity is placed on top of this broad, flat receptor and the Micro C is aimed at the extremity.

Radiation from the Micro C passes through the interposed extremity and is received by the image receptor/intensifier. These fluoroscopic images are then digitally processed and sent wirelessly to the laptop screen to be viewed in real time by the surgeon.

Our initial Micro C Xray device design
A side view of the Micro C mobile fluoroscopy device design

Example Use

A surgeon is operating on a patient’s left hand in the operating room. The patient is lying in the supine position with the left upper extremity prepped and draped on a hand table in the abducted position. The surgeon sits adjacent to the patient’s axilla while the surgical assistant sits across the hand table adjacent to the patient’s head. Surgical instruments and equipment are laid out on the back table immediately behind the surgical assistant. A sterilized Micro C and image receptor/intensifier are nearby on the surgical hand table for portable use.

The Micro C allows the surgeon to hold it with one hand while operating another instrument such as a drill in the other hand. A laptop screen specific to the Micro C is positioned on a mayo stand immediately adjacent to the hand table whereby fluoroscopic and digital images can be wirelessly transferred from the Micro C and image receiver/intensifier to the screen for review by the surgeon.

Dr. Gregory Kolovich, Chief Medical Officer and Co-founder of the Micro C
Dr. Gregory Kolovich, Chief Medical Officer & Co-founder of the Micro C



Micro C is a handheld imaging device. Separation of the x-ray source and image intensifier obviates a bulky base or a heavy tether. By utilizing advanced, proprietary, patent-pending technology, the device can produce high-quality images without the need for external assistance.


Utilizing an advanced sensor array, the device simultaneously captures both a fluoroscopic and traditional image without the need to reset the extremity. The sensor array is so advanced that a concurrent, live view of both images can be seen on the companion screen as the surgery is in progress. The device is portable and designed to bring the x-ray source to the target to produce more resolute images.


Prolonged exposure to the x-rays of a traditional C-Arm or Mini C-Arm can be unhealthy. Because of Micro C’s size and hypersensitive capture technology, the system emits considerably less radiation than the industry standard due to its smaller power requirement.


Micro C automatically adapts the field of view based on the surgeon’s inputs. By adjusting the position of the device and the output power, Micro C can capture anything from a full view of the extremity down to a 0.5″ x 0.5″ macro view of the area.


Designed from the ground up to utilize the latest in both encryption and compliance technologies. The system is fully compliant with HIPAA; gone are the days of insecure smartphone captures. Micro C can securely share images with patients and consultants alike.

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How is Micro C funded?

The founders have raised seed financing from surgeons, other healthcare professionals and technology investors

How can a media professional contact Micro C?

What are our upcoming milestones?

  • Q1 2020- FDA Clearance of Micro C
  • Q1 2020 - Release Clinical Embodiment for post-market research studies
  • Q3 2020 - FDA Clearance of Radiographic Surgical Table
  • Q4 2020 - Delivery of Radiographic Surgical Table




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