Originally published at EIN Presswire.

Micro C™ revolutionizes medical imaging with compact digital X-ray and multi-modal camera integrating real-time, HIPPA compliant data transmission and billing

Savannah, Georgia — November 11, 2016
Orthopedic microsurgeon and Georgia Institute of Technology engineer Greg Kolovich returned to Georgia in 2015 as a practicing surgeon and a “doctorpreneur”. He invented the Micro C™, a unique medical imaging solution, inspired by a challenging reconstructive hand surgery he performed during his fellowship at Massachusetts General Hospital. Kolovich knew there had to be a better way to take X-rays and photographs to guide the precise techniques used by surgeons just like him. Existing fluoroscopy equipment, the C-Arm and Mini-C Arm, are 60-year old dinosaurs – awkward and time-consuming to manipulate. The prolonged exposure to the X-rays emitted by these devices is excessive for both the patient and the medical staff. Kolovich MD/MPH, Chief Medical Officer and Founder, sums up the powerful set of benefits with, “What the Micro C™ solution uniquely provides is much greater accuracy, clarity, safety, and speed and simultaneously transmits secure, real-time images, data and billing.”


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