A few years ago while working late into the night during a challenging surgery to reattach a severed hand, orthopedic microsurgeon Greg Kolovich knew there had to be a more efficient way to take the X-rays and photographs that helped guide him through surgery.


“I was trying to hold his hand and put a plate on it and it all kept falling… And I remember thinking, ‘we’ve got to do better than this, this is terrible,’” Kolovich said. At the time he was working through a fellowship at Massachusetts General Hospital.


In the fall of 2017, Kolovich – who now practices in Savannah – and his team at Micro C, Evan Ruff, chief executive officer, and Kirby Sisk, chief operating officer, plan to introduce the world’s first agile medical device, the Micro C, a handheld digital medical imaging solution that will take X-rays, photographs and video to guide surgeons during surgery.


The small device will replace the current fluoroscopy equipment, known as a C-Arm, which is similar in size to a hospital bed and is used by a physician to guide a needle to a specific area while watching that needle on a live X-ray screen.

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