When Gregory Kolovich MD MPH, orthopedic surgeon and partner at Optim Orthopedics, began his hand and microsurgery practice there in 2015, he brought with him his concept for the Micro C‘”, inspired during his tenure in the prestigious Harvard Hand Fellowship programTo begin product development and business formation, DrKolovich participated in the Georgia Tech ATDC (Advanced Technology Development Center) Savannah Bootcamp. The objective: develop and launch the Micro C as the world s first compact, handheld fluoroscopy device. A Georgia Tech graduate with a B.S. in Electrical and Electronics EngineeringDr. Kolovich is hardwired to solve problems. He has focused intensely on solving his own and his fellow surgeonschallenges with using the bulky, inflexible C-arm“. This conventional equipment had not been improved much since its introduction 60 years ago. In contrast, at less than 5 pounds, and significantly reducing X-ray emissions, the Micro C solution ingeniously combines X-ray, digital, and infrared imaging together with image reception. The 2018 plan is to launch two designs: the surgical embodiment with the emitter and an image receptor that moves in sync with the emitter and the clinical embodiment with the emitter and a portable image receptor for use in physiciansofficesclinics, emergency rooms, and in the field in home health care, military, and rural settings. Both versions support capturing and transmitting images and data to patient medical records systems, across the room or around the globe. The Micro C readily integrates into telemedicine solutions that connect expert physicians with patients in remote locations As a “Doctorpreneur Dr. Kolovich has paid keen attention to the business sidehaving already raised $2.2 million to bring to market this groundbreaking, patent pending medical imaging solution designed by a surgeon for surgeons and physicians to treat a wide range of disorders of the extremities. From SavannahGeorgia, to the rest of the world, this talented doctor and his Micro C invention know no limits.

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