Orthopedic startups have come and gone for decades. Tiger Buford, an engineer, executive and recruiter in the medical field, has picked out trends for surgeons across the globe. Tiger put together a list of the hottest Orthopedic Startups.

I have a good eye for seeing the ones that are positioned for big disruption and success.  This skill served me well in joining Ellipse Technologies just before the startup took off. I believe in the 13 startups…are innovating, thinking BIG and taking chances.

Here’s what Tiger has to say about the Micro C,

Micro C is a surgeon-inventor startup with a better, cheaper, safer, and more versatile C-arm.  Think about a C-arm the size of an iron for extremities. With an expected FDA clearance later this year, Dr Greg Kolovich and team will announce the launch of their new imaging system.

Micro C landed the #1 spot on Tiger’s list. In less than two years, the Micro C team has moved fast to create a patented handheld X-ray device. With FDA clearance pending, the team of engineers have crossed incredible hurdles in developing the unique medical device. Below is a video that highlights some of those challenges and growth periods Micro C has gone through from the Inventor and Co-founder, Dr. Gregory Kolovich.

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