WHAT IS IT? A hand-held X-ray and digital imaging device no heavier than a digital camera. WHO MADE IT? Co-founder and chief medical officer Gregory Kolovich, EE 04, and chief executive officer and co-founder Evan Ruff, CmpE 03, MBA 07

HOW DOES IT WORK? Micro C is a device for performing fluoroscopy, a type of medical imaging in which a continuous X-ray image is displayed on a monitor, much like an X-ray movie. Micro C enables surgeons conducting operations on hands or other extremities to have greater accuracy, clarity, safety and speed. The lightweight, ergonomically designed, hand-held emitter brings X-ray together with still photos, video and infrared camera.

WHY IS IT GAME CHANGING? While performing reconstructive hand surgery at Harvard Medical School, Kolovich became frustrated with the limitations of the traditional imaging process. A typical C arm fluoroscopic device is about the same size as a hospital bed or wheel chair, making it cumbersome to move and difficult to fit through doorways. In contrast, the Micro C system is compact enough to be easily carried from room to room. The hand-held fluoroscopy device and separate, book-sized image receptor offer healthcare providers a greater degree of flexibility.

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