Evan Ruff

Chief Executive Officer & Co-Founder


As Chief Executive Officer & Co-Founder of Micro C, Evan is responsible for leading both the business and technology functions of the company. These functions include navigating the financial and regulatory environment surrounding the Micro C product and managing software and hardware engineering practices. He focuses on the all-important monitoring, updating and authoring of new patents to protect the unique intellectual property that is continuously being produced by the Micro C team. Evan is the primary point of contact for all of Micro C’s investors and leads partnership opportunities and initiatives with both established and early stage innovators in the medical sector.

Evan received a Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering from the Georgia Institute of Technology, followed by a Master of Business Administration in Information Technology, also from Georgia Tech. As an enterprise architect and engineer, he has worked closely with business users and technology leadership at both early stage and Fortune 500 companies to evaluate and design strategies that serve their current and long term needs. Evan has served as CTO to three technology startup companies where his deep knowledge and expertise of business process mapping and design helped lead those companies to from concept to exit.

Evan is an avid traveller, photographer and enjoys restoring and repairing vintage vehicles and  watches.

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