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What is Micro C Imaging, LLC?

Micro C Imaging, LLC was founded in May 2016 to revolutionize the field of orthopedic imaging with a hand-held x-ray and multi-modal digital imaging solution. The company’s team of professionals and medical experts is applying years of experience with medical imagery and surgical procedures, culminating in the development of this innovative new mobile-first technology.

Who are our founders?

Greg Kolovich MD/MPH is Chief Medical Officer & Co-Founder. Greg is responsible for all clinical facets of the Micro C device. Dr. Kolovich interfaces with the medical community to solicit clinical feedback and to facilitate the creation of best practices. He leads all medical trials relating to Micro C’s effectiveness and safety and is the company’s liaison to the medical community. While performing reconstructive hand surgery at Harvard Medical School, Greg became frustrated with the traditional imaging process. This productivity and capability gap inspired him to design the Micro C.

Greg received a Doctor of Medicine, cum laude, from the Ohio State University College of Medicine where he pursued his orthopedic residency at the Wexner Medical Center. For his fellowship at Harvard University he focused on Hand and Microsurgery. Prior to his medical education and training, he graduated magna cum laude from the Georgia Institute of Technology where he received a Bachelor of Science in Electrical and Electronics Engineering, having double-majored in Electrical Engineering and Pre-Medicine. Greg is a practicing orthopaedic surgeon.

Greg Kolovich and Evan Ruff graduated from the Georgia Institute of Technology, and as “Tech” engineers and friends, co-founded Micro C in 2016.

Evan Ruff MBA, BSCmpE is Chief Executive Officer & Co-Founder. Evan is responsible for leading both the business and technology functions of the company. These functions include navigating the financial and regulatory environment surrounding the Micro C product and managing software and hardware engineering practices. Additionally, Evan focuses on the all-important monitoring, updating and authoring of new patents to protect the unique intellectual property that is continuously being produced by the Micro C team. Evan is the primary point of contact for all of Micro C’s investors. He collaborates with the marketing team to design and publish product manuals and materials and promote the company’s accomplishments through digital and traditional media. Evan received a Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering from the Georgia Institute of Technology, followed by a Master of Business Administration in Information Technology, also from Georgia Tech. As an enterprise architect and engineer, he has worked closely with business users and technology leadership at both early stage and Fortune 500 companies to evaluate and design strategies that serve their current and long term needs. Evan has served as CTO to three technology startup companies where his deep knowledge and expertise of business process mapping and design helped lead those companies to from concept to exit.

Where is Micro C Located?

The Micro C team members are based in both Atlanta and Savannah Georgia. The company is an Accelerate Member of Georgia Tech’s Advanced Technology Development Center (ATDC), active in both its Atlanta and Savannah programs that boost the successes of entrepreneurs throughout Georgia.

What Intellectual Property has Micro C developed?

Patents have been filed covering the handling, operation and safety elements of the device.

How is Micro C funded?

The founders have raised $2.2M in seed and pre-Series A funding. Future rounds will support expansion of product development, manufacturing, marketing, compliance and sales functions.

Where can a media professional or other interested party find updates about Micro C?
What is the Micro C solution?

Micro C provides dynamic fluoroscopic and digital imagery for the purposes of aiding surgical treatment of the distal extremity. The device converts radiation to real time static and dynamic fluoroscopic images of the human skeleton as well as providing high quality digital pictures and video of surgical anatomy and pathology. All images (both fluoroscopic and digital) are displayed on any DICOM compatible screen. The device provides quicker, easier access to images while providing safer radiation exposures to the patient and surgical staff.

  • All images are fully uploaded to patient-specific file application
  • Hand-held and surgically ergonomic
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Sterilizable
  • Emits significantly less radiation than the industry standard

Micro C is a light, portable, surgically ergonomic handheld camera and synchronized receptor. Holding its handle, the surgeon directs fluoroscopy and digital imagery to the extremity and surgical field. The fluoroscope is controlled in the front of the device by the index finger with a trigger while digital pictures and video are controlled on the back of the device by the thumb with buttons.

The back of the Micro C also has a digital control panel to control fluoroscopic and digital camera settings. The head houses the collimating cone and digital camera lens. The image receptor/intensifier is thin, flat and also lightweight and portable; it can be positioned and easily manipulated behind the extremity being imaged. The extremity is placed on top of this broad, receptor and the Micro C is aimed at the extremity. Micro C’s patented technology insures that the emission is aimed correctly and safe for both the patient and the surgeon.

Radiation from the Micro C passes through the interposed extremity and is received by the image receptor/intensifier. These fluoroscopic images are then digitally processed and sent wirelessly to the screen to be viewed in real time by the surgeon.

What are recent and upcoming milestones?
  • March 7-9, 2018 -  American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons (AAOS) Annual Meeting
  • September 2018 - FDA Clearance of Clinical Embodiment
  • September 2018 - Delivery of Clinical Embodiment
  • November 2018 - FDA Submission of Surgical Embodiment
  • February 2019 - FDA Clearance of Surgical Embodiment
  • February 2019 - Delivery of Surgical Embodiment

Note: This product is not cleared by the FDA for distribution in the United States.

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This product is not cleared by the FDA for distribution in the United States.

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